Corporate Social Responsibility

All our business practices involve initiatives undertaken to benefit society holistically. We believe in giving back to the society through which we earn a living. Our goal is to go far beyond our previous efforts. In doing so, we inspire all those who partner with us to follow the same route.
We work to infuse a spirit of social responsibility in all those who follow you, which is in other words creating a chain that involves all those who follow. The impact is tremendous when collective efforts are directed towards social good. We pledge to make the experience of all those who partner with us far better than ever before.

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Environmental degradation represents real and present threats to economic growth, human societies and the ecological base which sustains them. Tackling climate change and environmental degradation provides significant economic opportunities for the construction sector through both increased and better productivity, G&C defining sustainability and identifying issues important to the business projecting individual sustainability goals and demonstrating to progress toward those objectives, commitment to more eco-friendly building practices.

  • Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions.
  • Prevent Water Pollution.
  • Incorporating Low-Impact Building Materials.
  • Using More Energy Efficient Equipment.
  • Reducing Construction Site Waste.
  • Practicing Inter-Company Sustainability.

Safety First

Working Safely and Without Risk.
The key to achieving healthy and safe working conditions is to ensure that health and safety issues are planned, organized, controlled, monitored and reviewed. 
Our Health and Safety challenge is to provide a safe working environment and safe systems of work as far as is reasonably practicable and are committed to continual improvement and to enforcing an effective Safety First. We work with our clients, consultants and supply chain to deliver high-quality, iconic projects while ensuring that it is simply unacceptable for people to get hurt while at work.
GC Interior Corp makes sure our people work safely and go home safe and happy every day.


Strength in protection and excellence in services. Providing you peace of mind during your project.